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Eggs & Dairy

Farm Meat




This week's FREE DELIVERY:

Hurry! We only have 10 mixed meat bags left that have alpaca socks in them! Get one delivered Wednesday January 25th, for free!


Join Small Scale Farms as we continue to stand in unison with local farmers and local markets alike. 

In a radical move to help inspire you to stand proud within this agriculturally rich home you’ve made yourself here in Niagara, Small Scale Farms is setting out to raise $300 000 in local capital. 

The question is, will you help?

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Stay Tuned! More information coming!

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Comfort Farms Mixed Meat Box 

You can't get this at the grocery store - nor is it as good of a deal!

Depending on where you live, this sale could be available to you (above) for free delivery this Wednesday January 18th. Or you can purchase it as a part of our regular delivery below. 

Shop now - Regular Delivery

This week only.


The number one way you can support us right now is by purchasing from us. You help us reach more people with healthy, sustainably grown food, (which helps us grow our model) AND you help farmers sell their product. Plus, the tables are turning. Local is finally becoming cheaper than the grocery stores. Get your groceries delivered for free this Wednesday. 

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This Week At The Farm

Door Crasher: We are so excited to extend customer appreciation week. Thanks to J&D Peters Tortillas, Family Farm and Bakery we still have more Corn/Nacho Chips to give away!

This week, buy a produce bag and receive a fresh bag of tortilla chips, for free!

We also still have free amaryllis bulbs we are giving away, please help yourself to 2 each.

We are open Wednesday to Saturday 10-3pm. 

13145 Lundy's Lane, Niagara.

While quantities last.

Delivery special: Buy a Prime Steak Lovers and receive a dehydrated package of local garlic, for FREE!

This week only. Order before Saturday at midnight for delivery next week to your area. Please see delivery tab on our website as to when we deliver to your city!

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Prime Steak Lovers
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This sale has been going very well. You should be proud of yourself Niagara - you're supporting local farmers while saving yourself money! We are very happy to be providing Niagara and area with Comfort Meats, local, grass fed beef. We hope that we can meet your expectations so far as pricing goes, grocery meat just simply does not compare. 

And as those grocery store prices continue to rise, local, small scale farmers will be able to operate/compete on a more equal playing field.

Simply put: We are looking to convert the conventional system, to a smaller, more local one, one customer at a time. 

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We got PIGS!

Check out our naming contest on Facebook. There's some really good ones here - it's going to be hard to choose!

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Our Grocery Packages are a great hit. Try a little of everything with these convenient offerings.

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Produce PIckup

$40 Produce Bag + free chips!

Feed your family for the week.

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Treat Yourself with our Homestyle Meals

Prepared Meals

Just $30 for 3!

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Our puppies are ready to find their new homes! Please email us if you are interested in caring for one of these beautiful dogs. Our

[email protected]

Pickled Beets

Pickled Beets

Size: 500ml Vendor: Mr. Amish 


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Caribbean Mushroom, Rice, & Peas

Funky Funghi

Size: 250g (serves 4 to 6)


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Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax Wraps

One package consists of a three 



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Comfort Farms Medium Meat Share

Med Meat Share

Bag Contents: Ground beef 


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Farm Fresh Eggs (Curbside Pickup)

Farm Fresh Eggs (Curbside Pickup)

Our farm fresh eggs come from Packham Poultry Farms in Dunnville, Ontario. Size: one dozen (12) This item is for curbside pickup only. Pickup Times: Wednesday to Saturday from 10:00...



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When you subscribe to our produce bag, we GIVE away $10 bag of fruit and vegetables to local community groups like, The Aboriginal Health Centre, Quest Community Health Centre, The Soup Kitchen, Beyond the Streets Welland, Sacred Heart Church, and The Dream Centre. Your purchases are helping to feed people!

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